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Dynamic Strain Relief for Ultra Fine Nitinol Toothbrush Bristles

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Re-inventing the toothbrush with new bristle technology. Using ultra-fine titanium-nickel alloy (nitinol), our toothbrush bristles are soft as nylon but 1/3 the diameter of nylon bristles for superior plaque and bacteria removal from all dental surfaces including at the gum line, below the gumline and between teeth. Practically flosses your teeth while you brush.
A toothbrush includes an elongate body having a handle and a head formed with bristle assemblies each including elastic upper and lower boots on either side of an intermediate layer, an elastic collar extends through the intermediate layer from the lower boot to the upper boot, a tuft of bristles bound by a coupling, the tuft of bristles extends from the coupling in the lower boot through the collar and through the upper boot and therebeyond to a brushing extremity, the upper boot provides lateral elastic compliance between the upper boot and the tuft of bristles through the upper boot, the lower boot provides lateral elastic compliance between the lower boot and the coupling in the lower boot, and the intermediate layer pinches the collar against the tuft of bristles through the collar elastically retaining the tuft of bristles through the elastic collar to the elastic collar.

Financial information

One additional related US patent has been issued (11229280) and one more pending.
Patent coverage also includes the European Union, United Kingdom and Canada. Registered company LOGO included.
Our toothbrush bristle technology can be applied to manual and power toothbrushes as well as veterinary brushes. 300 samples have been produced, tested and distributed to early adopters and evaluators. Testing results show superior plaque removal as compared to Sonicare Elite at the gum line, below the gumline and between teeth. Abrasion testing shows that our brushes are no more abrasive on human teeth than traditional nylon toothbrush bristles Ongoing lab testing in process in preparation for human clinical trials.
Nitinol bristles DO NOT SPLAY and the brush can last for over 1 year with no degradation in performance.
The first 2 SKUs are ready for production. Need $ to build production tooling, custom equipment and fund operations until reaching self sustaining cash flow from operations.
Open to outright sale, license with royalties or partnership.
$15 billion market... 2 million unit sales can generate over $24 million free cash flow with 65%+ EBITDA potential