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DC power storage for everyone. Voltswagon for the home

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A system and a method of powering an external device with a vehicular battery system allow a user to charge electrically-powered devices with the electrical power source of his or her vehicle. The system includes an electrically-driven vehicle which includes a high-voltage battery. The system further includes a power modifier, an auxiliary battery, at least one external device, at least one on/off relay, and a user controller. The power modifier modifies the high-voltage DC drawn from the high-voltage battery to safely charge the auxiliary battery. The auxiliary battery stores electrical power. The external device may be any electrically-powered device. The on/off relay allows a user to turn the system on or off when desired. The user controller is communicably coupled to the on/off relay through a relay wireless communication module. The user controller allows a user to remotely operate the on/off relay and, thus, remotely turn the system on or off.

Financial information

Truly going off grid is expensive and the biggest expense is storage of solar generated DC energy. By using an EV as a back up buffer, a homeowner can downsize the home storage costs utilizing the family car of the future. The amount of energy, wattage, is controlled by the size of the home systems inverter. Using a car as another AC source, such as V2G doesn't give a homeowner flexibility. It limits a cars output energy availability and makes a homeowner dependent on what the large grid will pay for your individual storage. By connecting DC EV to DC home storage the complexities of back feed, cutoff circuitry is eliminated. The future of sustainable energy, in a home is dependent on the affordability and availability of DC storage capacity. A sustainable future solar based home must have its own DC storage capacity, as Edison first proposed. The patent makes it happen and is available to license for EV chargers, solar integrators, automobile manufacturers.