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Solution for splashes created by standing urination.

[Category : - HEALTH- DESIGN PATENTS- Bathroom]
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The Device is to prevent urine splashes, around a commode, created by standing urination. It enables toilet cleaning easier, quicker and cheaper. The device is a flushable biodegradable paper funnel. The funnel has wet strength and water repellency but disintegrates in drains.

In the MANUAL method, a user picks a flushable funnel from a supply of the flushable funnels placed on the water tank of the commode. The user suspends the funnel above the commode, and urinates through it. After the use, the user drops the funnel into the commode and flushes the commode. The funnel disintegrates in drains.
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In the POWER-DRIVEN method, upon user waving, a power-driven arm suspends a flushable funnel above the commode. The user urinates, through the funnel, into the commode. Upon second waving, the funnel falls into the commode and the arm returns to its stored position, leaving the commode to function unimpeded.
See attached 5 photographs, showing a home made prototype.

Financial information

The Patents include Utility Patent 8918921 and
Design Patents D625794, D687935 and D733850.

Estimated potential sale of approximately $20million/year.
It has a potential of repeat business with no geographic limits, no seasonal limits and virtually no competition.

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Solution for splashes created by standing urination
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