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Dental Band Alginate Lock

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DBALLOCK was invented to solve a common dental lab fabrication problem found in dentists' offices, dental labs, and dental schools. Bands shift when placed in alginate impressions while pouring plaster or stone into negative impression moldS. As an orthodontic lab tech, I knew that bands moved while vibrating plaster or stone into alginate impressions resulting in a poor fit and a poor fit means dissatisfied patients, dentists and increased costs. I created a simple, flexible device to hold the band in place every time plaster or stone is vibrated into the alginate impression. It is designed to work with any size band and hold the band in place accurately every time. If a dentist wants to end his frustration and improve the quality of orthodontic or pedodontic appliances, my invention accomplishes excellent results every time. The dentist no longer has to rely on home grown procedures such as bees wax or sharply protruding wires criss-crossed on top of molar bands. My invention looks just like a common business staple with the exception of two curly legs paralleling the two straight legs of a business staple. The exact configuration is two inner straight legs and two outside corrugated legs. The legs can be adjusted to fit any size band. Both legs can be cut or shortened to accommodate the relative thickness of alginate material inside the impression tray. DBALLOCK can be used individually or can be be cut in half. The straight leg is placed over the top of the inner perimeter of the band and the corrugated leg is placed over the top of the outer perimeter of the band. Because good will can't be measured, in essence what this device does is save potentially $95 per patient by insuring that the job is done right the first time and preventing the patient/parent having to return a second time for new impressions. (GOOGLE DBALLOCK AND VIEW UTUBE DEMONSTRATION). Even though evolving new technology such as
3-D Printing changes the narrative regarding this chronic problem, DBALLOCK still offers a distinct degree of back-up capability in case the 3-D Printing technology encounters a debilitating catastrophic technical error. You can purchase the DBALLOCK product currently at JBC and Company in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Financial information

This invention was denied a patent twice, but nobody else can acquire a patent on this device for that very reason. I am looking for a specific type of buyer (DDS) that can afford to buy this "ready made" product including the die/jig that accompanies the inventory.

As mentioned earlier, this product is already being marketed via "American Tooth Industries" aka "Pozzi Dental" as advertised in their yearly "Orthomart"" supplies and equipment brochure!

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