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A roof mounted, exterior fire protection sprinkler system

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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It is a well-documented fact that Worldwide, almost all (over 90%) of exterior, natural or man-made fire and wildfire-related property losses, have been caused by flying embers igniting a building or property during a two to three hour period preceding, or during or after the arrival of the wildfire itself.

It is well understood that as the cost of construction is ever increasing, as are insurance costs, that the average homeowner may well be prepared to spend a very small additional percentage to install a permanent rooftop fire prevention system, that is easy to operate when needed in an emergency, a time when people are panicking and preparing for evacuation.

This product provides such a system that will provide buildings with significant protection from such man-made or wildfire occurrences.

The intent of this sprinkler system is to make it extremely practical in its installation and use. It is user-friendly and designed such that it is very easy to install quickly, making it cost effective to the homeowner, contractor/renovator or for a do-it-yourself installation.

This product is a permanently installed, roof mounted, recessed, low profile, dry pipe, exterior, fire prevention sprinkler system, that can be installed on a flat roof, or on any sloped roof, at or near (within 300mm or 12”) the peak of the roof, in new buildings, or retrofitted into an existing building. The roof may be manufactured from any material, including, but not limited to asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, tile, slate, stone, thatch and metal sheets or panels, amongst others. Plus, if ever the roofing material needs to be replaced in the future, it is easy to accomplish in the normal way, without having to remove and/or replace the sprinkler system or any of its components.

Plus, because it is a permanently installed solution, it could lower annual insurance rates, as well as add value for the homeowner, when it is time to sell the property.

Full sized prototype constructed and operational.

We are offering it for licensing or outright sale.

Trademark approved, Canada and US
We have a USPTO Design Patent Pending, App # 29828088
We have a USPTO Provisional Patent, App # 63314381
Non-Provisional USPTO Application to be submitted before Feb 1, 2023

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