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Coil-less heterodyne receiver with semiconductor N-path filtering

[Category : - Telecommunications- Security and alarms]
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Ingenieurbuero Georg Figol, Datenfunktechnik, serves the industry
for decades in RF-design

We are interested in selling our present know how in conjunction
with our German patent application:

DE 10 2021 004 785 A1, Status disclosed Nov. 12th 2022

Principle: Clock defined heterodyne receiver with N-path filtering

Main highlights, compared to state of the art technology:

=> Clock defined switchable bandwidth
=> Band filter characteristic defined by N-times AF low pass
=> Adjustment-free and coil-less multiple stage heterodyne
=> No expensive and bulky crystal or ceramic BP-filters
=> Main selection positioned more towards the front-end,
compared to present DSP solutions
=> Power consumption much lower than in DSP solutions
=> Very precise mid frequency and bandwidth, only defined by
TCXO frequency
=> Optional coil-less FM/FSK demodulation, also in N-path
=> Optional receiver AGC for AM applications
=> Component cost lower than in present DSP designs
=> May be also implemented as analog preselection for special
DSP applications
=> World wide patent priority application still possible

Available prototype: FM/FSK evaluation with selectable 10/8 kHz BW
and excellent 0.3uV/50 Ohms sensitivity including harmonic filter and
RX/TX switch in front-end for transceiver implementation

Picture 1 = Block diagram Fig. 11 (patent application example)
Picture 2 = Photo of experimental prototype PCB
two visible air-coils are for harmonic filter when used in a transciver

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