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Business Training Engagement Platform

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The current model of LMS – Learning Management System do not prioritize the students enjoyment, engagement with community, thus leading to withdrawals or decrease in achievement of students outcomes.

MiTio proposes to replace current learning management systems such as Canvas with a more gamified form of LMS to provide education in an easy to navigate and incentivized system, that also provides an environment that is easy to create courses in where the instructor only needs to create content for the course to be gamified.


The purpose of this project is to design, build, and test a gamified learning management system that would increase daily continued access of the course (streaking); decrease course completion time; increase a sense of pride among graduates as they are recognized for their accomplishments within the engaged community.

Specifically, we wish to build a SAS Application that integrates all of our current course content in a way that is fun and engaging. This gamified LMS will assign points to students for various metrics being met and make the whole learning experience more interactive.

Design considerations (if any): (A brief overview is sufficient, details may be sent later)

Examples of Gamification for Student Engagement

1. Game-Based Learning and Student Training
Gamification makes student learning and training more interactive and engaging. Using points-based quizzes and trivia is an effective way to help student quantify their learning and spot areas for improvement.

2. On-the-Spot Recognition.
Intermittent rewards increase student engagement by adding an element of spontaneity. Plus, unexpected rewards make it more likely that students will learn and repeat behaviors that are good for your business. On-the-spot recognition certificates are an easy and powerful gamification tool to make the workplace more exciting!

3. Interactive Leaderboards.
A little bit of friendly competition can go a long way towards increasing student productivity and making the workplace more engaging. Creating a points-based leaderboard is a way to gamify (and quantify) this competition. This student gamification technique is especially effective for sales reps and top-performing students who have a desire to the be best!

4. Spin-to-Wins and Scratch Off Bonuses.
Everyone loves an unpredictable bonus! Spin-to-wins and scratch offs are a great gamification technique to boost student engagement.

5. Social Media-Style Recognition Platforms.
It’s 2020. Social media is an inherent part of your students’ lifestyle. You should make it a part of their work life as well! Social media-style recognition platforms let students share likes and shoutouts. This enhances the social aspect of your recognition program.

6. Goal-Tracking Progress Bars.
Students are more engaged and productive when they feel like they are making progress toward their goals. Achievement and a sense of progress are important elements of gamification. Goal-tracking software lets students (and you!) see how close they are to leveling up.

7. Badging and Achievements.
Gamification for student engagement involves being able to quantify and visualize achievement in a socially visible way. Badging and achievements check all of those boxes and are able to work with or without reward points!

8. Rewards for Company Competitions.
Not every student gamification technique has to be centered around productivity. Sometimes just kicking back and having fun as a company can drastically improve student morale. Hosting company competitions, such as costume competitions or chili cook-offs, give students a chance to compete against each other and earn rewards.

9. Qualification-Based Travel Events.
Incentive travel is a powerful motivator. Students will work really hard for the chance to qualify for an exclusive travel promotion. Limited, high stakes rewards are an important part of gamification for student engagement. You want to make sure every segment of your workforce has something to aspire for!

10. Student Points Reward Programs.
We are looking for an all-encompassing student gamification solution. We want them all incorporated into a cohesive student incentive program with the goal of Increase Student Engagement and Productivity.

Financial information

Summary Valuation

Fair Market Value $10,232,127

Seller Discretionary Earnings ($100,000)

SDEM 3.67873

Multiple of SDE + ($367,873)

Assets Included + $10,600,000


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