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Vehicle key with remote control electromechanical lock door

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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This invention relates generally to keys, particularly to vehicle keys and more specifically to which with remote door open/lock system. It's widely known that a lot of car drivers forget about locking their vehicles when they park or when they leaves them for other reasons. This fact facilitate thefts, prolong retards and produce annoyances, trouble and add more stress in everyday life. For this reason this invention it's in fact the solution for previous problems. With a simple LED as feedback for the user on the key fob that forcedly reminds users if the open or close buttons were pressed or not in the near past. So the main purpose is to give an efficient and cheap device, very cheep indeed compared to other existing technologies, for a solution of all previous problems.
NB: duration of the blinks can be preset by manufacturers

Financial information

Looking for selling or licensing to auto parts or preferably auto manufacturers all over the world.
Market potential: all low/mid/high class vehicles with key fob. N° vehicles in the world ~1.4b in 2022.

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