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Create Value to NR Gloves Waste by Recycling to Ebonit

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Today, used natural rubber (NR) latex gloves waste seem to be a new ecology problem, as consumption is exceeding landfill limit. A part of them in mixed with some trashes are transferred to third worlds (or far ocean) and dumped unmanageably. However, our team knows their potential to create a huge gain through a chemically recycle process (possibly 240 million USD). Raw material resource is widely found, as a big lot of waste can be collected from hospital, health care business, maid, hygienic service, restaurant and food industry.

About our invention
The used latex gloves is transformed to a polyisoprene resin, which is a clay like soft solid. The resin is an intermediate for some solid polymer. In our project, the end used product is “ebonite”. It possess unique properties, particularly better glass transition temperature (187 oC) than traditional ebonite (80-90 oC). Moreover, this is a green product from circular economy, which could promote consumer’s happiness. We have attached technical information and contact e-mail as info picture for better understanding.

This knowhow is now not filed a patent (draft is done, may need translation upon filling country). We keep the knowhow as a trade secret.

We will give this knowhow for free but the receiver must pay patent operation fee and the owner is us. The receiver will get right to manage any benefit on the filed country. The stake will be shared up on negotiation.

Our contact
[Use the button below to contact me]

Financial information

Humans are generating 2.4 million tons of the gloves waste annually. Just 10% of them (240 K tons annually) can be recovered then recycled to an alternative material to create a huge value from waste (market ~240 million USD).

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