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Shoe sole covering "Clean Step"

[Category : - Footwear]
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"Clean Step", is a footwear accessory designed to be secured atop the soles of your shoes or boots to allow the individual to enter a home without tracking mud, dirt, germs, or any other substance upon carpets and floors. This practical product may be employed when having parties, showing homes for sale, by service technicians or contractors, or by anyone entering a home. With a layer of adhesive through which it would be secured to the sole of your shoe on one side and on the other side anti-slip grips on the other. Just peel them apart from each other and apply them to each shoe. It's that easy. They are eco-friendly and are made from 100% bio-degradable material making for a great sales point. And as having the utility Patent for this product the design of the product is not limited nor are the materials it is made with!

Not only is the shoe-covering industry a thriving multi-million market there is no other product out there competing against them....Until know! There are also many problems, concerns, and safety issues with shoe coverings. First off, shoe coverings or painter booties were originally designed for painters to keep their shoes clean and were not designed for keeping floors clean. They have a major safety issue in that they are extremely slippery and could seriously injure the user. If you have big feet a lot of shoe covering just won't. fit. Another thing is that the shoe coverings are not very visually pleasing or professional looking. "Clean Step" solves all of these issues and more.

I am extremely excited to get "Clean Step" out to the public as I know it will be a major success if put in the right hands. Please respond with any inquiries or questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Vincent Donaghue
Arrow Of Faith Inc
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