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5 year finished prototype with increased ionized hydrogen (H+) can be included in the production of hydrogen gas (H2) from seawater that will be used in today's fuel cell technologies, transportation, power plants, and space propulsion technologies, as well as, other technologies. The proposed process is to be duplicated and utilized in a unique scientifically engineered dissociation hydrogen gas (H2) production system.

cheap hydrogen gas production for green hydrogen energy

produces hydrogen for all fuel cells up to 1000 watts, produces hydrogen gas for health, and produces liquid hydronium for liquid health benefits.

Financial information

Hydrogen Production Prototype and Technology for SALE. Hydrogen Gas Production from Saltwater (Seawater). Patent Pending Application. Hydrogen Gas for Breathing Health, Hydronium for Drinking Health, and Hydrogen Gas for Fuel Cells. Input power 115/240 ac power, 5 year proven prototype technology. Includes hydrogen gas production prototype, 60 psi Compressor, 3 solar panels and accessories, Schematics, BOM. Production of 100 percent H2 hydrogen gas at 24 Liters/minute x 60 min. = 1,440 liters / hr x .006 KWhr = 8.64 KWhr x 24 hr's = 207.36 KW in 24 hours. Will work with any Fuel Cell up to 1,000 watt PEM fuel cell. Sale price $ 150,000.

Solution : Extraction of hydrogen from acidified water in a portable low energy system that eliminates the operational and maintenance cost of hydrogen acidification plants. The TITR system creates opportunities from the sale of in situ hydrogen to the automotive, power plants, military, residential, aerospace, luxury shipping industry and numerous other industries.

TITR will use a direct manufacturing model and will control all manufacturing and maintenance of the hydrogen generators. TITR is targeting >3% of the market. TITR hydrogen generator revenue using future projections usage and sales price of $ 50,000 per generator giving projected net profit revenue of $ 6,000,000 for year 1 (10 units per month) and $ 600,000,000 years 2 (1,000 units per month).