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Drink dispensing device

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Heating & Cooling- Cooking]
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The invention is a portable ice pack cooler for 2 pouches with beer, wine,water etc. It is a unique in all over the world. It has table and floor stand.

The invention relates to a drink dispensing device which consists of a dividable or single-part cylinder (5), in which stand up pouches (7) or bottles (25), (26) are introduced containing beverages that are dispensed through independent taps (10).The device is positioned on a table-top base (3), (4), or on an on-floor base (17), (18), and are connected by a screw (19).The device structure proposed by the present invention may serve in the mounting of one or two stand up pouches or even more bags as long as a respective configuration and a respective size are ensured.There is no limitation in size or the type of liquids, which may be alcoholic beverages, juices, oil, vinegar, etc.

Until today we have introduced various applications with mechanisms, devices or containers in which beverages are packaged in bottles, followed by the process of dispensing them into glasses.

An example is champagne bucket, for champagne, wines and other beverages, which are containers in which ice is placed around the bottles to keep them at low temperatures they should serve. Also drinks such as beer that are packaged with gas pressure where they are adapted to devices with valves for easy flow when serving and dispensing in glasses.
Specialized pumps are also used for the distribution of beverages. Many of the drinks are packaged in bags in box, which are placed in boxes with protruding taps in order to be served in glasses or in jugs.

All of the above methods and applications require special installations and limitations on the uses that are specific to each case.
In order to face the above disadvantages I have constructed the present invention. The present invention is a new innovative product and elegant design. According to the present invention, one or more drinks in bags or bottles are placed in a cylindrical container with suitable slots.

The cylinder can be placed on a table stand if it serves to be placed on the dinner table or other table. If desired, the cylinder can be placed on an alternate floor stand.

The base is designed to serve the easy distribution and serving of drinks. It is especially suitable for buffet gatherings where everyone chooses their own drink and takes it alone without the intervention of a waiter or other assistant.

There are ice cubes in the beverage area, and insulation is placed around the inside of the barrel to reduce heat loss and maintain cooling.
This invention is suitable for use in banquets, trips, but also for everyday family or business dinners. The construction materials can be plastic, glass, metals, wood, clay and any material that can be shaped and acquired the functional properties of the present construction. The size is not limited as well as the use of the liquids placed. These can be spirits, wine, beer, juices, milk, water, etc.