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California Dilemma (Drought vs Heavy Rains)

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California dilemma; what after a storm and rain? Drought again(?), What can be a long term solution? With so much rain water available, it can be preserved.
"WE need new thinking, we need to operate that infrastructure differently, We need to change some of the characteristics of that infrastructure,” Gleick said. (BBC)
New Thinking : Capture surface water, as much as, possible. To make the reservoir during drought, Only small amount can be captured, rest should go to the aquifers, The surface water can be used subsequently in drought situation.
Preservation of surface water: (1) Most of water loss thought seepage in reservoir, Use the geomembrane to seal such loss, (2) Evaporation is little, can be prevented. This method has been tried and tested for last 10-15 years for several locations; "Special geomembranes" were developed for this. Two representative pictures are included. Any effective geomembranes could be used. (only those with a life time of several decades). This superb solution could be used for several location with water scarcity, for example, "Cap Town in South Africa",
"CLIMATE models show more shifts between the extremes are in store as the world warms".(The Guardian)

Financial information

What is cost of fresh water? Fortunately, the rain water is generally, good quality. The cost per Gallon should not exceed $0.5, What is basis of such number? This is maximum number. Typically it should be much less. This water could be used for many purposes.

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