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[Category : - HEALTH]
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Procedure for the realization of images and stereoscopic films of double viewing. Procedure comprising the stages of: - Perform at least two radiographs in the study area. - Longitudinal displacement of the X-ray tube head or the stretcher where the object is located. - Rotating the X-Sensor tube assembly. - Using an additional platform to rotate the object. - Application of the radiographs to the two monitors of a stereoscopic monitor, one of its faces and then both images are arranged on the other of the faces, obtaining double viewing. Where the stereographic monitor is provided by a set of vertical guides and horizontal guides as a plotter. It is possible to form a 3D three-dimensional image with just two x-rays, which offers a view of the front and the back of the radiographed image with depth information, or a film that offers the possibility of double viewing. (Machine-translation by Google Translate, not legally binding)

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