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System of generation of images for stereoscopic visualization

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Image generation system for stereoscopic visualization. System comprising two screens that are: a first screen (1), a second screen (2) and on the other hand a passive surface (3) that on one of the faces joins the two images of the screens, having a first face (3.1) that allows the image of the first screen (1) to pass through said passive surface (3), and with a second face (3.2) that reflects the image of the second screen (2), so the first and second screen are arranged one on each side of the passive surface (3), where each screen (1) and (2) also emits a slightly different image, where the images presented must have been taken with the camera with a separation within the same horizontal axis. The observer must face the second face (3.2) which facilitates the superposition or the unión of the images of the screens. Thanks to the system, the generation of images that allow the visualization in three dimensions with a higher quality, and that avoid the fatigue effect of the vision is achieved. (Machine-translation by Google Translate, not legally binding)

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