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Unwinding Charger

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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The Unwinding Charger is an apparatus for charging electric devices such as smart phones and tablets. The Unwinding Charger is wound up and unwinds on its own to charge electric devices. The Unwinding Charger is shaped like a smartphone. The Unwinding Charger includes a USB connection port and a wireless charging feature. The Unwinding Charger includes a body handle attached to an axis shaft at the top of the charger which rotates to wind up the charger. The top body handle of the charger will allow the user to wind the device more easily with a significant surface area for grip. The top body handle is made in the likeness of its body counterpart for a streamlined and snag free structure. The Unwinding Charger's top body handle is capable of accommodating accessories such as a cradle or case to link the charger to other electric devices in need of a charge. The Unwinding Charger offers the new attribute of winding and forgetting to charge other electric devices on its own having been wound.

Financial information

IP Appraisal Bid
Patent Pending:
US Design 29/822,389 Unwinding Charger


• .03%-.06% non-exclusive usage rights for 15 years (life of patent)
• .03%-.06% non-exclusive or exclusive usage rights for 10 years
• .03%-.06% % non-exclusive or exclusive usage rights for 5 years
• Live on-line auction with opening bid
• Exclusive usage fee or royalty
• Signing bonus
• Guaranteed sales clause
• 331 million smartphone users in 2022
• 200 million tablet and e-reader users in 2022
• 50% of US now owns a tablet or e-reader
• Other devices such as: body cams, R/C devices, optics
• Looks identical to the latest and best selling iPhone
Payment Means
• Lump Sum by wire transfer or check
• Monthly Royalties
• Quarterly Royalties
• Annual and Bi-Annual Royalties

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