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Handheld medical processing device storing patient records

[Category : - SOFTWARES- HEALTH]
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A handheld medical processing device for providing a physician with medical information and storage for medical information. The medical processing device includes a processor and a memory unit within the device. A touch display screen is provided on a face of the device and connected to the processor. A recording device is provided for recording audio signals and a disk drive stores data input to the device on a recording medium by contacting the touch screen. The processor generates a menu of options for display on the display screen. Options for operation of the device are selectable by contacting the display screen at a display position of the desired menu option. The menu options allow the physician to input data by contacting the display screen, input audio data to be recorded by the recording device and prepare a prescription by contacting the display screen. The application software used by the processor is stored in the memory and data input on the touch screen is selectively saved in one of the memory or the recording medium. The memory also stores a database of medical information and the menu generated by the processor includes an option for accessing the database. An input/output port is also provided for connection of a peripheral device, the peripheral device is able to provide a scanned image to the processor for display, the device being able to increase and decrease the magnitude of the image.

Financial information

I am looking to sell this patent! I also have a domain name and website that can be used with the patent if needed! The design patent is also used in connection with this patent and is also listed on this site! Medical records are valued more than any other data! Can add to the patent to turn into an app for smartphones. Only with existing patents, can help you obtain a new patent easier and faster I have put all the work into this patent information for bridging a new patent. I have design models and a design patent to make this a wonderful product for a company that is looking to change the digital health records of patients are done.

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