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Automotive marketing Lighted bed rails

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Boating- Advertising methods]
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Dinjee Systems, LLC is a start-up manufacturing company managed by three executives representing engineering, administration, marketing, sales, and finance. The company has
developed a unique line of vehicle accessories and lighting products called, Smart GloRails. The patented Smart GloRails are unique in that they improve safety by increasing visibility while preserving battery life. The reduced number of LED's in the light bar diffuses light and thus do not blind other drivers. Hazard GloRails are connected to an existing hazard signaling system and will have an adjustable setting using phone APP software controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi. RGB Technology allows us flexibility in creating an accent light version for emergency vehicles. Emergency vehicles with one set of emergency lights can flash or display any color needed; 16 million different colors are possible making it great for international emergency vehicle markets.

It is true that the patented Smart GloRails are a unique way of improving safety by increasing visibility with low battery consumption. However, GloRails, with their array of colors and multicolor controls using Bluetooth, become a style statement and the latest fashion for truck enthusiasts on Facebook and YouTube.

Our customers come from every demographic group in the market with products that are
targeted at the $16 Billion Automotive Aftermarket.

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