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Omni-directional horizontal wind turbine

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For over 15 years I developed a revolutionary domestic wind power system that has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to research & develop, but due to the death of my financial backer, plans for global marketing have been cancelled and I now need to sell the patent. Full details are available @

If you are an enterprising environmental entrepreneur looking for a genuinely fantastic new business offering real power for high-rise buildings, homes, schools, office buildings, farms or factories etc., then this is the free energy technology you have been waiting for. The system can provide electricity any time of the day or night. It can complement solar or be used as a stand alone system to output real power. Because of its innovative design it is completely silent, low profile, safe for birds and requires very little maintenance. A flatpac design for worldwide DIY internet orders is also incorporated. Essential technologies like this that can be installed wherever there is wind, summer or winter, could be life saving when reticulated power is unavailable. I will sell to the highest bidder and offer full disclosure.

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