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[Category : - Baby products]
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Handsfree infant feeder

With over 180 million new babies being born each and every year & 360,000 babies every day this invention is a home run! NO MORE sore arms when holding a infant in your hands for approximately 20 minutes to feed them every 2 hours, you can work, play, cook, clean, workout, do the chores and everything else without the need to stop for a feed! Take the stress away simply prepare the milk clamp it onto the stand and let it be handsfree!

From 180 million babies every year world wide can you imagen selling only alittle 100k units at a recommended retail price per unit of $89-$119? That's ALOT of money to make, roughly $10 million dollars per year!

Now imagen 1 million units per year are sold from 180million new born babies, that is roughly $100 million dollars per year!

Sale comes with granted patent & pending patents, x2 prototypes of primary product and also all the renders & designs (includes drawings etc) also comes with manufacturers costs to manufacture the product etc. You are basically at the final stage of research and development! I have all the manufacturing cost etc.

Too good to be true? Well it's not! I have developed prototypes and used them on my own daughter and wow! Simply amazing.

Looking to sell outright!

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