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Self-Checkout As You Shop "SCS-Pole"

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Indentification and payment methods- Ordering and selling methods]
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Our patented system "SCS on red Pole"
is a stand-alone, hand-held, modular telescopic device
specifically equipped to meet the needs and budget of retailers.
Any ordinary shopping cart fitted with only one "SCS-Pole"
is instantly converted into a Smart Cart. No need for retailers to buy special carts.
Retailers can transform their store in no time to offer the most engaging shopping experience to their customers at a very affordable price. Reduces labour costs.
Eliminates theft and mistakes. Zero floor space needed.
Optimisation of customer flow. User Friendly.
Everything is done in one single easy step :
From Shelves to the Cart and :
"Thank You for Shopping with us!"
Permanently attached to shopping cart or dispensed to shoppers via a kiosk. Magnetically attached in a dedicated slot during the time of shopping. Adjust its height automatically or remotely by a store associate, to stay above purchased items all the time. Sensors, scanners, cameras and tracking
cannot be obstructed by any item or object.
Items will automatically trigger the scanning/tracking inside the shopping cart range. Maintenance free. Rechargeable battery pack at base.

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