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Artists Canvases - Reinvented

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When creating an artwork (with regular stretched canvas) and especially with larger canvases the surface is rather bouncy, a lot of artists find this a real annoyance, myself included. Many artists turn to plywood, MDF, aluminum or clay-board products for that joyous rigid working surface; however, these products present another set of problems: Weight, reduced adhesion, warping, and aesthetics. Also let’s face it a painting should be on canvas, it’s just more appealing to art buyers and traditionalists alike. My rigid working surface solves the problems and retains its classic canvas pedigree.

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I've patented a reinforced artists canvas. Unlike boarded wood, aluminium panels or clay board Etc our patented reinforced artists canvas retains a classic canvas pedigree. Has the potential to disrupt a surprisingly large market. Patent: GB 2570563

Having been a artist for two decades I'm well aware of the problems with traditional artists stretched canvases. They are very susceptible to damage. This happens all the time, stock is damaged on the retail shelves (estimate 15%) it happens during delivery too and it happens to the consumer.
My patented canvases solve this problem, cheaply and efficiently.

The market is huge, arts and crafts are more popular than ever. Anyone using traditional stretched canvases (there are millions) will understand this problem. Competition comes from MDF, plywood and aluminium art panels each with different problems but none of these retain a canvas quality most artists look for.

Ideally I'd like to sell the patent or enter into a licensing arrangement at arms length. I'm sure of one thing, I don't have the resources to take the patent to market. So, I'm looking to pass it on to a company/individual that can.

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