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A method of simulating the activity of the human nervous system includes providing a networked server for access by a user of a general purpose computer, with a database having predetermined data on human nervous system activity being in communication with the networked server. User information is input into the general purpose computer which is correlated with data in the networked database to determine what part of the human nervous system is impacted by the user information input. The general purpose computer displays a simulated image of a portion of the human nervous system and animates the impacted part of the human nervous system determined in the correlation. rn(VPAS) - Visual Perception of the Area to Stimulate rnBasic explanation of system: The Metabrain is an internet-based system that will guide an electrical stimulus to any target area in the brain and enable the individual to psychologically believe that the brain stimulation that they are seeing on the screen is also occurring in their actual brain. The gaming aspect of this system enables the individual to think and believe that they are interacting and playing games inside their brain. rnAn individual will watch an electrical stimulus as it travels to and stimulate a target area in a Metabrain Image of themselves [read definition of terminology]. As they are viewing the path of the electrical stimulus or other object, an attachment device will give them electrical impulses, vibrations, voice prompts, and feedback that directly correspond to the activity and stimuluses that they are seeing on the screen thereby causing them to think and believe that the activity and stimulations that they are seeing on the screen is also occurring in their actual brain. rnEXAMPLES OF GAMES (IP) An individual will log into the smartbrain website. A Metabrain will be installed into their personal image in the same space as their brain, similarly to when a filter is installed into a video clip. Next their Metabrain image will be combined with a generic avatar. The avatar now becomes their personal avatar for traveling and interacting inside the Metabrain Universe. The personal avatar boards a single seat spacelike craft which they fly through the attachment device to various locations, chambers, and compartments in the Metabrain Universe. rnAlso, the personal avatar will have various encounters with other personal Metabrain avatars, perceived evil spirits and other alien beings, having battles with them, and removing them from the brain via the attachment device (E-transporter unit). Also, the personal avatar will go to different brain locations in the Metabrain Universe to give electrical stimulations to specific brain sites, build new brain cells, remove defective cells, remove curses, add DNA etc. There are no limitations as to how many different types of games and interactions that can be created in the environment of the Metabrain Universe for example enable the individual to fly to alternate earth systems and planets etc. rnDefinition of terminology: rnThe Metabrain (IP) is a graphical, digital, or synthetic representation and model of the human brain. rnThe Metabrain Image (IP) is a Metabrain that has been implemented into a photo or facial profile of an individual in the same space as their brain. rnThe Metabrain Universe (IP) is a VR space consisting of all the areas or space inside the Metabrain Image in which the brains anatomy, functions, and activities have been changed to electronics, mechanics, roadways, chambers, and other elements. The attachment device (IP) shows the direction or movement of a stimulus or current and serve as an external pathway and visual pathway to the brain which gives electrical impulses, vibrations, and voice prompts corresponding to what is being viewed on the screen. rnThe Metabrain Website (IP) gives prompts and instructions to the attachment device and contains the database and programs that will administer the Metabrain System. rnThe Games (IP) are designed to be played inside the Metabrain Universe and psych the individual's mind into believing that they are entering their brain and playing games inside their brain. e.g., a game in which the dopamine receptors (pleasure centers in the brain) are electrically stimulated as a reward for winning a battle, or a game in which evil entities of the mind or evil spirits are removed from the brain via the attachment device, or a game in which age related glands (growth hormones) are stimulated to reverse the effects of aging or a game in which specific brain sites are assigned codes and information is sent to the site to unlock the code which would stimulate brain activity at that location etc. The Avatar (IP) is a head photo of the individual in which a Metabrain has been installed in the same space where their brain would be. The Metabrain image will be viewed as a type of filter and as though looking at the Metabrain through glass. ADAPTABLE TO USE WITH MOST BRAIN STIMULATING DEVICES AND MEDICINES: For example, a person who is using the Fisher/Wallace stimulating device for depression can in conjunction use the Metabrain system which will show them a path of a stimulus and area in the brain that the Fisher/Wallace device should be stimulating to relieve depression, or the system will show the individual where and how certain medicines cause changes in brain cells and activity thereby complementing medications given that affect brain activity. This website is a prototype for the construction of the website and a documentation for the website. The short animation shows only a basic concept of the systems design. The production of the actual smartbrain website and attachment device will be created by computer programmers, scientist, neural scientist, medical illustrators, graphic designers, engineers, movie producers, patent attorneys, and many other professionals in various fields. rnThree patents and P.P. secure this invention: #9,984,197- 8,898,048-10,426,369 and P.P. For Sale or financial partnership to negotiate sale to Metaverse, Google, Amazon, or Neuralink. Click menu for more details per intellectual property. Ron [Use the button below to contact me]