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Plastic Temporary Construction Door Latch

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HLOCK is a Plastic Temporary Construction Door latch.

During the Construction process, doors are installed right after the building is dried in (After the protection Tyvek is installed on the walls). When the doors get installed, almost every Construction Company does not use anything to keep those doors from being constantly open or banging all the time. HLOCK solves that problem, Keeps Doors from getting damaged during Wind storms.
Keeps doors shut when rains, preventing water from getting inside the units.
Can be open from either side and works like any regular door latch.
Can be reusable over and over again.
Easy to install, no tools are necessary.
Prevents damaging walls by replacing bulky door knobs from metal latches.
Works on Interior and Exterior Doors.
Can be painted and textured.
Very inexpensive.
The Latch consists of 4 pieces of plastic and a metal spring. Once you install the latch on the door, the 2 pins lock together and in order to remove the latch from the door, you have to bend the red pin down until breaks. In order to reuse the latch again, you will need to purchase new pins.

Financial information

The patent is pending and the product was just released to the market. I am looking to sell the patent and/or get royalties.
Construction is a boom nowadays with more than 5.000.000 housing needed within the States.

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