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Dice, "V" domino, "V" domino (classic) for "V" Sudoku

[Category : - HEALTH- Toys and games- Educational]
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Board educational games that contribute to the development and improvement of combinatorial abilities (3D) for the development and education of children, game entertainment at home, on vacation, on the road, rehabilitation and assistance to the disabled: blind, deaf, dumb, sedentary disabled people, rehabilitation and restoration of lost brain functions after injury and disease !!!
--- "V" Sudoku cube 2x2x2 for kids (4 “V” dominoes or 8 dice)
ready for production
--- “V” Dominoes for “V” Sudoku 4x4 (12 “V” dominoes)
ready for production
--- “V” Dominoes (classic form) for “V” Sudoku "V" 4x4 (24 "V" dominoes - classical form)
ready for production
--- Dice for “V” Sudoku 4x4 (16 dice)
ready for production
--- "V" Dominoes for "V" Sudoku 6x6 and 8x8 need to check the algorithm and graphics (combinatorial arrangement of game elements and number).

Financial information

The author proposes to consider the issue of acquiring exclusive or non-exclusive rights to an object of intellectual property: dice, "V" domino, "V" domino (classic form) for "V" Sudoku 4x4, 6x6, 8x8.
A co-author and partner in the promotion of desktop educational games that have no analogues in the world is invited.
3 international priorities of the author are protected in 2017.

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