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First of all, I apologize to everyone for translation errors, this translation was made by Google.
I will hand over my patent application called electronic pollen collection system to those who are considering investing in this invention.
The application is stuck to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.
The application was made on 25/04/2022, so the priority right has not expired in order to obtain a patent from different countries.
The invention is an electronic system that aims to collect pollen balls without the need for beekeepers to go to the apiary.
I would like to tell you how big a market my patent has, according to the information we have obtained from the internet, the countries with the most beehives in the world are as follows. India, China, Turkey, Iran
The total number of beehives in the world is 90 116 000 according to official records and it should not be forgotten that there are unregistered hives.
whoever takes over my electronic pollen trap application will get a monopoly in such a large market for 20 years
waiting for your price offers
i can bargain
You can find the details on the facebook page below.
You can reach me via my e-mail address or by sending a message on facebook:
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