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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A vehicular hydraulic brake system having a master brake cylinder with a hydraulic reservoir supplying a brake fluid, a control foot pedal and a vacuum booster connected to an operating brake cylinder of each wheel. The brake system has emergency braking assemblies mounted before the operating brake cylinders of at least rear wheels. The emergency braking assembly includes an electric mechanism operating in a reciprocating manner and has a rod attached to a piston of a hydraulic cylinder. An inlet hole of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to a pipeline in communication with the master braking cylinder. An outlet hole of the hydraulic cylinder is in communication with the operating brake cylinder. A top portion of the hydraulic cylinder has a compensation port in the close proximity to the electric mechanism, said compensation port being connected to the pipeline in communication with the master braking cylinder. A bottom portion of the hydraulic cylinder of the emergency braking assembly is disposed not lower than a top level of the operating brake cylinder.
The "IntellSphere Group" company, on behalf of its clients, proposes to consider the issue of acquiring exclusive and non-exclusive rights to the intellectual property object - "The hydraulic braking system of a vehicle". The invention is intended to improve the safety of the vehicle. Allows you to effectively stop the car in the event of a failure of the standard brake system. This is possible even if the brake hoses are damaged (broken). The invention is patented in many countries of the world.

1. Uzbekistan - ? FAP 01192
2. International application for an invention in WIPO under the PCT system (PCT Application/UZ 2017/000001). After all the checks were carried out, a written message was received from the international search authority WIPO FIPS of the Russian Federation with positive conclusions on all criteria determining the patentability of the proposed device. Date of publication of the PCT: 03.05.2018 Publication No.: WO/2018/081839. Bulletin No. 18/2018(2018/05/03)
3. European Patent Office - EP 3 533 674 B1
4. Eurasian Patent Office - ? 036856
5. Japan - ? 6745000
6. Japan - ? 6970796
7. Australia - ? 2017347973
8. USA – ? US 11,364,889 ?2
9. South Korea - ? 10-2234855
10. People's Republic of China - ? 5132710
11. Hong Kong - ? HKMIF190278P
12. Macau - registration
13. India - in the process of expertise
Advantages of the invention:

1. With the help of this simple invention, the car acquires a new, additional function - the possibility of an emergency stop in the event of a failure of the standard brake system. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in modern cars.
2. The invention is characterized by simplicity and reliability of the design.
3. The device can be used as a parking (parking) brake, instead of the standard parking brake used today. That is, practically, it performs two functions - two in one. At the same time, none of the known parking brakes has such 100% emergency stop efficiency as the proposed Device.
4.Because the device is electrical, it can connect to any relevant vehicle systems to further improve and improve.
5. The device can use an actuator of any design that satisfies its technical characteristics.
6. Undoubtedly, the most important and invaluable advantage of the invention is that, with a 100% guarantee, it can save the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the event of a failure of the standard brake system.
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