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Attic-Access-O-Riser Lift System for Home or Office Building

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The patented Attic-Access-O-Riser lift system is a novel motorized storage lifting device that is designed to be installed in any hallway, garage, or attic area of any home or office building. The automatic lift system easily and safely elevates heavy items such as goods, gear, boxes, toys, and equipment from a living space into a storage space, and it lowers the storage items back down when needed, all at the press of a button. The patented Attic-O-Riser lift system is operated by either a handheld corded remote or by a wall switch.

The design of the patented lift system turns a difficult task into a simple, economical solution for all storage needs, thereby eliminating clutter from a person’s hallways or garage, and obviating otherwise expensive and unsightly buildings on one’s property.

The patented Attic-Access-O-Riser lift system is marketed to both residential customers and commercial customers, as it lifts heavy items into storage with ease.

For instance, residential users lift and store luggage, storage boxes, home decor, recreational gear, and seasonal items for their home. With a motorized lifting platform having a 325 lbs lifting capacity, the patented lift system takes packages out of a person’s hands and does the heavy lifting for them, making the storage of large heavy items safer and easier. All attic staircases have weight limits that are usually unsafely exceeded when hauling packages into the attic. The patented lift system eliminates that risk by hauling the heavy packages into the attic, allowing a person to safely climb up the ladder using both hands as intended, thereby mitigating the loss of balance and injury.

Commercial customers easily lift and store heavy equipment, inventory, and consumables for their office or building. The novel lift system eliminates otherwise costly storage buildings in one’s yard or a monthly storage fee at an off-site location, by allowing a user to tap into unused space in their attic, helping to declutter their home or business office.

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