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Cane or walking stick retrieving tip

[Category : - HEALTH]
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My patent describes a tip for a cane or walking stick that provides a user with the means of retrieving accidentally dropped objects when in public places without the assistance of others. There are no other retrieving tips in the market or patented. I have a working prototype. Consider, 5 million cane users in the US alone where 3.3 million are over the age of 65 and cannot bend over to pick objects off a walking surface. The remaining 1.7 million users may have medical conditions where they also cannot bend over to retrieve. Worldwide this number could be a hundred million.
This tip consists of only three components, an elastomeric tip, a finger and a knob. In preparing for retrieving, the tip is held against the walking surface while the user places the instep of a shoe on an extension of the tip while the cane is raised vertically, lowering the finger. The user then glides the ramped end of the finger along the walking surface beneath the object to capture it by pushing down on the cane handle to pinch the object between the finger and the tip. The user then raises the cane, placing the the object to their hand. The cane is returned to the walking surface at a slight angle to the vertical where the extension of the finger contacts the walking surface returning the finger back into storage within the tip. The tip does not require any maintenance, lubrication or adjustment.