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Electrochemical Surface Refinement of 3D printed metal

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Surface finish is currently the worst part of all metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes, Poor surface finish leads to fatigue fracture, corrosion, and wear. The Electrochemical Surface Refinement process is an electrochemical process that can be adapted to use existing/commercially available equipment, while having unique advantages over the current state of the art electrochemical processes. It is designed for parts with complex geometry where standard finishing methods are not suited.

The novelty of this process is in the solution design (the specific solution may be dependent on material) and electrical polarization waveform design (also may change with material). This system actually benefits from relatively stagnant electrolyte, so fluid flow is not required in geometrically complex parts. This enables better surface finish on internal surfaces than other electrochemical surface finishing processes. The process requires only a single electrochemical bath and electrolyte, and can be used on standard electrochemical systems.

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