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The present invention relates to method for producing construction aggregate, comprising the steps of: (i) preparing materials, which comprises (% by weight): fly ash (80 to 99.75%); alkaline activator (0.25 to 20%); water (6 to 30% of total weight of fly ash and alkaline activator); (ii) mixing the alkaline activator with all the aforementioned water amount to create alkaline activator solution, alter which will be mixed with fly ash to create geopolymer mortar; (iii) molding the geopolymer mortar with the compressive force of 2 MPa and more with desired dimension, wherein the molding is carried out with hydraulic pressing, extrusion, rolling or tablet lamination. (iv) solidifying; and (v) optionally, crushing the construction aggregate obtained above to a predefined dimension. Besides, the present invention relates to the construction aggregate from fly ash obtained by the above mentioned method.

Financial information

This technology was granted Indian Patent No. 390491 on February 25, 2022. This patent application at USPTO is also pending approval.
This technology can be applied with a capacity of up to 100 tons of fly ash/Hour/line. Hence this invention can recycle billions of tons of fly ash waste in USA, India and China. The price of fly ash waste treatment in the US can be up to 100 USD/ton (Link ). The recycled product is fly ash pellets that will be used to fill road or airport runway foundations due to the very high CBR load capacity of fly ash pellets (can reach 130 CBR). We may license the use of the invention or sell the copyright (if the offer is attractive).
This technology has also been interested by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and officially sent an invitation to participate in the grant program.

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