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[Category : - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING- Telecommunications- Audio - Video]
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A tool that sounds when the comedian moves his limbs simultaneously by pressing the button on this tool. Examples of his body movements such as swinging his left hand forward and the sound of a tiger comes out, the movement of hitting and out comes the sound of banging or popping, etc. Connect to the application on the mobile phone via Bluetooth and connect to the sound system tool via an audio signal. Can make sounds from the sound system through this tool. Various sounds such as sounds: Tiger, dog, musical instrument, Translation, Gong, cartoon sound effects and other funny sounds. The use of this tool is grasped by the left hand. Sound settings are in smartphone applications whose applications can be downloaded on the Play Store or App Store.

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More than 6 million comedians in the world and I think they will love this gadget. Making comedians so funny.

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