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A Newly Designed Skin Friendly External Nasal Passage Expander

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This newly designed external nasal passage expander (nasal strip or nasal dilator) has advantages compared with those existing ones:

(1) Less area of skin is taped.
(2) Skin is taped only with highly breathable and hypoallergenic medical paper tape which is very skin friendly.
(3) Flexible strip (band) cross over nose ridge without touching any of skin, so the skin of nose ridge is stress-free and can breathe freely. You will not see any indentation on your nose ridge when wake up next morning.
(4) The interchangeable flexible bands provide capabilities to fit all different size noses perfectly. The lifting force can be adjusted to expand nasal passage a little bit more or a little bit less.
(5) It is less visible when a transparent flexible band is deployed.

This newly invented device has a unique design and can effectively hold up overnight (8-10 hours) after skin is properly cleaned with water. This external nasal dilator will stay when you smile or talk or do exercises or even when you blow your nose.

This invention is currently patent pending.

For growth dynamics of nasal strips market, please search "external nasal dilator market growth" on google.

Any questions or comments are welcome.

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