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Mandated by law lifesaver: Universal Reminder Device

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Automotive Accessories - Security and alarms]
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This Universal Reminder -- which I call "Never Forget Us!" ( -- is the most reliable, affordable and versatile reminder and lifesaver for kids and pets in vehicles out of all products and concepts proposed so far.

Here is how it works: Link

On 11/15/2021 president Biden signed the Infrastructure Bill into law which includes the Hot car provision (H.R. 3684), which makes a reminder like Never Forget Us! mandatory for all passenger vehicles on US roads.

Any company in the world would love to have exclusive rights on a patent for a mandated by law type of product.

Financial information

If Never Forget Us! will only be used to retrofit some of the more than 260,000,000 vehicles already on US roads it can easily generate a lot of money, and here is the math:

If it covers only 20% of the market it will still generate $1.053 Billion.

10%: $526,500,000

Even covering only 5% of the US market would still mean over $260,000,000 profit.

You can find all the details at Link

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