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[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The device for displaying time in selectable display patterns includes a storage device, an interface, a housing, display elements, and a controller. The storage device stores selectable display patterns. The interface receives an input to select a display pattern. The housing contains a display area that displays the selected display pattern. The display elements may include hour display elements, minute display elements, second display elements, day display elements, date display elements, and/or month display elements. Time is displayed by the amount of display elements in the exhibiting state.
This allows for customized, easily comprehensible display patterns that are aesthtically pleasing and fun to view. This would be a third major way of presenting time after analog (clock hands) and digital (numbers). This allows for an infinite number of different ways to present time and can be incorporated into any digital device capable of presenting a digital time display.

Financial information

Patent family for sale or license with royalties. Has not been previously sold or marketed. Market potential is easily in excess of $100M annual sales as it can be applied to any digital display device. There are 3 other patents associated with this patent, including 2 international.