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ONE OF A KIND! Wrench with SAE on one end and METRIC on other!

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Tools]
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My invention is a hand held wrench used by many industries for several purposes. Including throughout all automotive industries and alike. My wrench is a one of a kind to be able to have two systems in one wrench.

Our wrench the Step Saver is SAE on one end and METRIC on the other end. Ranging from 3/4 to 3/8 of an inch on the SAE end, and 19mm to 10mm on the metric end, making a set of 7 wrenches in all. With a 3/8 breaker bar connector, in the center to gain more leverage with the wrench.

This also could be invented into several options of different wrenches that allows you to achieve multi angles on the fastener. Including box end, open end, ratchet end, 6point and 12 point.

The Step Saver was invented by a handicap man who works as a mechanic. He was tired of walking back and fourth to the toolbox to achieve his goals. The Step Saver will save money and time because you won't have to walk back and fourth to the toolbox to figure out between the SAE and METRIC system along with what size that is needed.

This would solve many issues with buying two sets or 3 tools to be able to complete the same job it will take our one Step Saver Wrench. It will no longer have to fasten two wrenches together to be able to gain the leverage needed or use a cheater pipe on a wrench to acquire more leverage.

I wish that the tool is made in a quality tool 3/8 thick in the center, 3/4 wide no sharp edges, tapers to the end, for a comfortable grip, made with quality steel.
Patent Pending US63/229,427

Financial information

I am interested in either selling the invention outright or a license with royalties. I would like to discuss this further with the interested party. .Our law firm did a complete research on our wrenches they have never been made before, or on the market. These wrenches are a one of a kind,
I feel that this product could be a high volume seller. There are open markets in all industries as people require tools in there homes or lives.

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