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A New American Stringed Musical Instrument

[Category : - Music]
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This invention is a combination stringed musical instrument.. The invention can be either acoustic or electric. A combination of aspects and elements of the banjo, bass, and guitar and method of playing is provided in which the sixth string is set as a bass string, the fifth string is setup as a banjo fifth string, and the remaining four strings are configured as guitar strings which can be plucked substantially simultaneously by a player, resulting in the simultaneous playing of methods of banjo, bass, and guitar by a single player. Various combinations of string diameters for each part of the combination are disclosed along with options for using a capo or tunneling the fifth string to emerge at the fifth fret.
*** Tunneling the fifth string to the fifth fret location CREATES A BRAND NEW PALETTE for stringed instrument artisans and the configuration is especially well suited for (but NOT limited to) finger picking styles.

This invention holds a UTILITY PATENT and can be produced as either an acoustic, electric, or acoustic/electric instrument.

This invention offers investors an opportunity to CREATE A NEW MARKET SECTOR IN THE MUSIC RELATED ECONOMY.
The instrument is America’s fourth stringed musical instrument and will also INCLUDE SELLING MANY ASSOCIATED PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS under the trademark: (amps, strings, straps, tuners, stands, etc.)


Character Set trademarks are NOT DESIGN TRADEMARKS… which means a NEW WORD is entered into the lexicon and the ownership of the WORD ITSELF belongs to the trademark holder exclusively in US commerce.

Financial information

Willing to sell up to 100% of the patent and trademark to the RIGHT INVESTOR/INVESTORS.

Two Internet properties exist that are associated with my invention:

Visit our YouTube channel with more than 150 videos available:
(search YouTube for ‘The Official banastar Channel’)

Acoustic and electric instruments are currently in production.

The market potential is remarkable. Having a CHARACTER SET TRADEMARK would be equivalent to having a trademark on the word guitar, mandolin, or bass in US commerce (obviously no one has such a trademark so that makes this opportunity unprecedented in that regard). Think of the potential in that. This opportunity not only includes the instruments, it can include many associated products that will fall under the trademark umbrella.