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[Category : - HEALTH]
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Simple-to-use and effective device and method to analyze body fluids and determine medical parameters and diagnoses instantly. The user puts a drop of sweat, blood, saliva, urine, vaginal discharge, amniotic fluid, seminal fluid and/or wound fluid on a card which contains a bio-/ chemical reaction substance and/or separation mechanism (or multiple). The medical rapid test result is displayed on the card or its backside as a change in color or the appearance and/or geometric pattern and put into context visually with a numerical and/or graphical description and can be analyzed visually and/or by using the camera and processing unit of a digital mobile device as a smartphone. In case of a blood sample the card can contain a perforating-/ needle- or cutting-mechanism to extract blood, for example from the fingertip. The card can additionally have a temperature, a personal identity, memory and/or data processing and transmission module. It can be used for single- or multiple use, also for consecutive tests for trend evaluation. It can be part of a sterile packaging/disposal unit.

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