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[Category : - SOFTWARES- OTHER]
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The disclosed subject matter relates to a computer-implemented method for efficiently viewing documents. The method includes entering and saving keywords and user control parameters corresponding to the keywords, and searching the document for the keyword to find a located keyword. Next, the method changes an area around the located keyword as a function of the saved user control parameters, where the parameters include a warp, a mark and a snip parameter, to provide a changed document. Lastly, the changed document is provided to a rendering engine. In another aspect, the method communicates with a rendering engine (“RE”) and comprises entering and saving a keyword and its corresponding user control parameters. Once the presently browsed document is substantially different than a previously searched document, the method formats and provides to the RE a search command as a function of the saved keyword and the saved user control parameters, the search command instructing the RE to modify the presently viewed document in a vicinity of the keyword according to the user control parameters. Next, the method receives a search result from the RE which includes a plurality of occurrences of the keyword and a set of contextual information related to each occurrence; and finally, parses the search result. The user control parameters comprise a function control parameter, the function control parameter called a one of a mark, snip and a warp. The contextual information returned in the search results includes hyperlinks, images and also character strings. Various types of filters may be used to parse the results according to user preferences and the parsed search results are dynamically presented to the user. This disclosure also provides for computer-readably medium incorporating instructions for the method of the present invention, as well as providing for a computer, smartphone or the like capable of executing this improved browsing method.