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System For Vehicle Occupant Protection(SATARC)

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories - HEALTH]
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Problem that the invention solves:
SATARC seeks to provide a cut above the regular and normal safety standards in the vehicles. It seeks to entirely evade the chances of deadly collision of the front seat occupants of the car with the interior and thus prevent the fatal injuries to the face, head, chest and the legs. The front seat retraction phenomena serves the desired purpose.

Description of the invention:
Indian Patent No. 390004
Status :. Granted
Indian Application No. 202121028241
PCT Application No. PCT/IB2021/057253

Please refer to Indian Patent Office official site to view my patent.

The system, based on the retraction mechanism carried out by the negative vacuum created by a piston inside the barrel, (for example, the medical syringe that creates a strong negative vacuum when sealed from its opening and the plunger is dragged) at the time of the crash, provides for the retraction ( triggered by the sensors placed at the front end of the car which send in the input signals to the control unit to instigate the retraction) of the front seats occupied by the passenger and the driver respectively to the rear back of the car thus evading the deadly collision of the front seat occupants with the dash and the steering and hence avoiding deadly injuries to the head, the middle body, the legs, the chest, the abdomen and the face.
The seats are thus to be accommodated on the plunger, whose dimensions can be improvised according to the vehicle, that drags the front seats back.
Our system seeks to drastically bring down the fatality rate among the front seat occupants involved in the crashes and in turn drive the NCAP safety ratings of the car to a whole new level.

Financial information

I am seeking for an outright sale but licensing is an option that is open too.

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