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Pressure testing of commercial and residential plumbing is required for regulatory certification to ensure leak free natural gas, water supply and waste vent lines. The conduct and accuracy of pressure testing for regulatory certification is critical to the safety and integrity of the plumbing under test. Currently, most pressure tests are conducted using analog gauges that are not subject to regular (e.g., annual) accuracy or performance checks. Tests that are improperly conducted or conducted using test instruments with low or unknown accuracy creates unnecessary risk to property and personnel, and a high liability to the test company. By its very nature, an analog gauge does not provide any form of liability shield to the user. From undocumented sensor accuracy to the lack of test records, using an analog gauge leaves the user with no tangible proof of the conduct and results of past tests.

The device of this invention is a pressure and temperature test instrument that was designed by the plumbing industry, for the plumbing industry, yet has wide ranging market applicability (marine, gas utility, fire and security, Legionella testing, and more). It integrates state of the art technology that significantly improves the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of regulatory and non-regulatory pressure and temperature testing. The modern test platform provides the highest level of safety while minimizing the risk associated with a failed or improperly conducted test. Core features of the instrument include:

1. Accurate Sensors: Regularly calibrated sensors provide guaranteed levels of test accuracy and performance. Further, the test automation prevents tests from being conducted with sensors that are no longer in calibration.

2. High Resolution: The combination of accurate sensors and high-resolution digital display facilitates rapid detection of gas/fluid leaks.

3. Test Automation: The instrument incorporates test automation to eliminate human error and subjectivity from the test process. Test automation guarantees that all tests will be conducted in a consistent and proper manner.

4. Permanent Record Keeping: The instrument automatically generates a comprehensive, permanent, and tamper proof record of every test. Test records can be recalled and printed at any time, providing conclusive evidence of the conduct and results of any test.

5. Detailed Test Reports: The instrument is able to create detailed test reports that can be printed on-site using a built in printer or uploaded to an independent computer in PDF file format, suitable for printing, emailing, or inclusion in other documentation.

Financial information

While I prefer and outright sale of the patent, I'm willing to consider a license agreement with upfront earnest payment. I am also willing to negotiate for the sale of the designs (including all device firmware), manufacturing processes & tooling, know-how etc. I also have a small amount of product inventory including 10 complete instruments.

The instrument has been sold in small quantities in the plumbing industry. There is strong interest in the fire and security industry (fire suppression systems), marine industry (for ship based and pier side regulatory testing), natural gas utilities and the radiant heating/cooling industry.