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The Buddy Tool - The only way to remove EvoPEX Connectors

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I am presently looking for a contract manufacturing company to help me make my invention a reality. I own a design patent (D 944610 S) for a unique hand removal tool called "The Buddy Tool". It's the ONLY one of its kind that can remove the popular Sharkbite EvoPEX PTC (Push to Connect) plastic plumbing connector. This connector is widely used on a lot of plumbing remodeling jobs where PEX tubing is used. However, by "My Buddy's" unique design it will also work to remove most all PTC connectors, plastic or brass making it a plumbing universal removal tool, This is a win-win situation, since the plumbing market is in dire need to have this removal tool. Without it, if a mistake is made using an EvoPEX connector, the connector has to be cut off and a new one installed, costing the plumber time and money.
These removal tools will be sold where ever EvoPEX connectors are sold. Therefore, it will be sold in the more than 50,000+ stores, mainly all Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware stores, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and other plumbing wholesale/retail stores world-wide. Thus, the initial production volume could conservatively be over 2.5 million kits equating to a profit of over 5 million dollars., assuming a profit of $2.00. Presently, a similar product sells just over $6.00. If you have production knowledge of manufacturing plastic/metal parts, packaging them into kits and selling the kits to the stores mentioned above, there's millions to be made. Since I'm not wanting to manufacture these removal tools, I'm willing to either outright sell my patent or come up with some sort of licensing agreement, that would pay me a percentage of what is sold. I know there are thousands of opportunities out there. I'm excited about this product. Hopefully, you will be, too

For more information, go to the following two websites:

Link and search for a 03/08/2022 date.

Once you have looked over the information on these links, if you have any questions or would like for me to send you a sample, let me know. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from your company.

Financial information

The markets are enormous for an innovative product like this universal PTC Removal Tool. Consumers and contractors worldwide will appreciate the benefits and convenience of this product. It will be become available worldwide wherever plumbing supplies are available in big box retailers such as the 2,000 plus Lowe's, the more than 2,300 Home Depots, the 5,000 plus Ace Hardware stores, the more than 11,000 Walmart stores, and thousands of industrial plumbing retailers. There are also in excess of 50,000 other independent stores worldwide that sell Sharkbite EvoPEX connectors in their store and / or online, and it is only logical that most of these stores will want to add "My Buddy" PTC Removal Tool to their inventory as an easily marketable complement to their EvoPEX connectors' .inventory.