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[Category : - HEALTH]
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The Original Butterfly Eyelash Guard is used in the cosmetic field as a disposable, hypoallergenic shield/stencil/template for the sensitive under-eye skin, eyes, and eyelashes during the application of eye makeup and/or as a protector during eye makeup removal, eyelash tinting, perm, artificial eyelash extension and permanent makeup tattooing. Also, it shields the skin from the sun after laser/chemical peels and is useful for some other medical or cosmetic protection needs. This beauty tool protects the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes from damage, premature aging and eyelash loss; it saves time and money and reduces stress. The eyelash guard molds firmly around the bridge of the nose, fits perfectly under any size and position of eyes, and secures to both sides of the face with the latex-free ear-loops, thereby freeing the hands to apply makeup or to perform other procedures as described. Also, it can be used over eyelids. The eyelash guard is for everyone who believes in safe and healthy makeup use, wants to look the best, raise job standards and brings enjoyment to the makeup application routine.

Financial information

The original inventors of Butterfly Eyelash Guard, are Americans of Ukrainian descent, are looking to monetize (sell or license with royalties) the 12 patents on their invention in order to raise money to donate to stop the war in Ukraine 
Patents on this invention have never been sold or marketed for sale.
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One design patent and 11 utility patents that give the IP protection for 25 years from the date they were granted:: USD639503, US8464733, CN102159113, CA2731889, EP2375934, UA98723, BY19369, RU2553568, JP5463358, FR-EP2375934, UK-EP2375934, DE602009051647.7, more foreign patents are pending. (PatentAction did not give an option to reference over five patents. You can manually Google all of them.)
Original Butterfly Eyelash Guard Trademark is registered: # 3,750,830.
This device is well represented and searchable on the internet.
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Inventors own 12 domains that are pointed to our main website,,,,,,,,,,