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[Category : - OTHER- Wearing apparel- Jewellery]
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NO MORE DISAPPEARING ACTS by your HANDKERCHIEF/POCKET SQUARE! Thousands of dollars on suits, hundreds of dollars on handkerchiefs, hours of videos on how to fold your pocket square, only to have it disappear into your pocket within an hour of getting dressed and "suited". And to add insult to injury, SHOVING A PAPER TOWEL into your breast pocket has been the ONLY recommended "fix". Good luck feeling confident and "first-class" from head to toe with a folded paper towel jammed into your pocket. With there being no item created, made with both functionality and fashion in mind to solve this problem, the Pocket Prop was dreamed, drawn, made into cardboard/tin foil, measured, tested, patented, manufactured, distributed to test groups and then graded by a survey on functionality. And now, the Pocket Prop is ready to move.

The Pocket Prop is inserted into the breast pocket and provides the perfect landing place for every pocket square that you wear to complete your suited-style. Millions of people wear suits each day and most are deterred from accessorizing with a handkerchief because "it just slides down" anyways. WELL, NOT WITH THE POCKET PROP!!!

In short, the Pocket Prop is a garment support apparatus which slides comfortably into the coat's breast pocket. Once inserted, the Pocket Prop provides a support rigid enough to elevate and maintain the placement of any handkerchief but also is flexible enough so as to not create a crease on the pocket's exterior, visible to others.

And because the outer dimensions and the material-thickness of handkerchiefs change, the Pocket Prop's patent accounts for these variations, making the design adjustable depending upon the needs of the customer. First, the Pocket Prop's head (which the handkerchief rests on) was designed to have multiple head-shapes to accommodate everything from manufacturing/equipment compatibility to customer preferences. Second, the Pocket Prop's design allows for it to be manufactured in sections so that if a "tall" handkerchief is used, the height of the Pocket Prop can be lowered to avoid a majority of the handkerchief poking out of the pocket being exposed. If a "short" handkerchief is used, the height of the Pocket Prop can be raised.

Prototypes were completed by a company in San Diego. The prototypes were manufactured with a polyurethane-mixture but are intended to be sold to the public when manufactured with a metal-mixture; appearing either bronze, gold, platinum, silver, etc., Accessories such as belts, watch bands, bracelets, rings, lapel pins, etc., are to be matched and the Pocket Prop will no doubt be included in this list of matching accessories for suit-wearers.

As a note, the absolute functionality of the Pocket Prop will not be altered by use of either a polyurethane versus metal mixture. Therefore, whether the customer market prefers one mixture over the other, the manufacturer can easily adjust. Moreover, if the price of one mixture versus the other demands a change to manufacturing, the integrity of the Pocket Prop's functionality will not be in jeopardy.

An online survey was established on Link after prototype was distributed across the country. The prototype recipients volunteered to use the prototype daily for five (5) consecutive days and then complete the online survey prior to the expiration of the following week. The prototype's color was intentionally left plain in order to eliminate possible user-distractions, forcing each user to focus only upon a unit's functionality. After approximately 50 surveys were completed, users were shocked and consistently reported that "this thing actually works"!

With multiple variations designed to accommodate a number of needs, the Pocket Prop, because of the vast number of people who wear suits coupled with absolute lack of marketplace alternatives, will dominate this accessory's market and it will thrust the overall handkerchief/pocket square demand to a new level!

Below is the true and correct words of the Pocket Prop patent's "SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION" section:"...SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION

[0004] To overcome the problems described above and other problems of the prior art, embodiment of the present disclosure provides a garment support, including a body including a top portion, a middle portion, and a bottom portion, where in the top portion includes a first leg and a second leg defining a receptacle extending along a length of the body to receive and support the garment; and the bottom portion includes a lower edge that is pointed along the length of the body.

[0005] In an embodiment, the first leg and the second leg define a U-shaped receptacle including curved inner and outer surfaces. In an embodiment, the first leg and the second leg are pointed to define thin edges at an end of each of the first and the second leg, respectively.

[0006] In an embodiment, the body is rectangular. In an embodiment, the top portion includes rounded corners at ends of the top portion.

[0007] The garment support can further include a mechanism to adjust a height of the body.

[0008] In an embodiment, the first leg and the second leg include curved inner surfaces. The first leg and the second leg can include curved outer surfaces. The first leg and the second leg can be connected by a flat surface. The first leg and the second leg can each include flat angled outer surfaces.

[0009] In an embodiment, the body includes a first component and a second component that is removable from the first component. The body can be made up of a first component and a separable second component. The first component can include the top portion and a first connector. The second component can include the bottom portion and a second connector to mate with the first connector. The first connector and the second connector can include a notched projection and a notched aperture, respectively.

[0010] The garment support can further include a third component including a third connector to mate with the first connector and a fourth connector to mate with the second connector.

[0011] The above and other features, elements, characteristics, steps, and advantages of the present invention will become more apparent from the following detailed description of preferred embodiments of the present invention with reference to the attached drawings...".

Thank you for reviewing this project description and I will speak to you soon.