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There is provided a light bulb socket comprising: a substantially cylindrical socket housing defining an open end for the insertion of a light bulb connector therein, the cylindrical socket housing defining a coaxial axis, the socket housing defining an inner comprising screw threading for screw-type engagement of a screw-type light bulb and opposing pair of bayonet channels, each bayonet channel comprising an insertion channel portion parallel to the coaxial axis and terminating in an perpendicular engagement channel for the inline insertion and twisting engagement of opposing bayonet pins of a bayonet-type bulb therein; a deflectable safety plate retained within the socket housing, the deflectable safety plate deflectable between a default position towards the open end of the socket housing and a deflected position away from the open end; and electrodes within the socket housing, the electrodes comprising: a central electrode; and a pair of lateral electrodes adjacent the central electrode.