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[Category : - HEALTH]
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A sex toy storage, charging, and sanitization device having a base with an internal electrical compartment; at least one phallus support rack extending upwardly from the base forming a plurality of phallus storage compartments; at least one electrical outlet embedded in the base adjacent each of the phallus storage compartments; at least one USB port embedded in the base adjacent each of the at least one phallus storage compartments; a string of ultraviolet ‘C’ frequency lights attached to the underside of the cover for sanitization; a supercharger for storing electrical power for recharging sex toys; an electric bar for recharging sex toys connected to the electrical outlet; a USB component for recharging sex toys connected to the USB port; an electrical cord for electrical connection to an external power source; three hooks for hanging sex toys from the rack; and a cover.

Financial information

The first sex toy case in the US to have a patent. No one else can obtain a US patent that can store the toys in a horizontal position.

You will only find tool boxes on the market.

An opportunity to make a lot of money over the next 20 plus years.

I did source two aluminum case manufacturers on based on product price but did not get a quote. They are Nanhai Taiping Hardware Plastics Factory and Foshan Nanhai Bingo Case Factory. Just get a quote for the case, you can source the parts separately.

To make the most profit, I would sell the case on Amazon North America. Amazon will list the case on the internet, directing buyers
to the case on their website.

Storage rack features:

1) 21 century design
2) lock for security
3) 10 docking stations that can accommodate sex toys up to 12" in length
4) UVC lighting, kills 99.9% of germs
5) super charge battery
6) there is a 3" space on top of the rack for extra toys
7) 12 USB and 1 AC plug-in

When I designed the case in 2016 all the toys were a/c and battery charged, now all the toys are usb charged. That is why I redesigned the case, and made it cheaper to make.

Base L 14”x W 12”x H 1 1/2” Cover L 14”x W 12”x H 10"

The case below would be similar. I am bringing 8 paint tools to market, I don't have time for this case.

If I can help you with anything, let me know.

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