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Securement of Stacked Intermodal Chassis

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - OTHER]
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Chassis stacks have a common reputation as being unstable. A shifting chassis in a stack that is traveling on a roadway can create an unsafe situation. Additionally, there is a likelihood of unwanted expense to correct such a situation when/if it happens.

*Must be quick/easy to install
*Able to be shipped w/o difficulty
*Prevent side to side shifting of chassis
*Prevent forward movement of chassis during panic stops
*Components not able to loosen or separate while in use

The solution was a set consisting of 4 perforated vertical bars with a clamping device matching the quantity of chassis in the stack. Each clamp would have a threaded insert that would go through the vertical bar and extend through to the other side. A large washer would distribute the torque of a nut against the bar as the nut was tightened. The nut would be a castle nut allowing a pin to prevent the nut from coming loose. A top bracket would be used at the top of each bar to ease the application for the installer. There is a warning to check the height of the bar by measuring from the bottom of the bar to the ground. The dimensions of the apparatus can be changed over time. The current proof of concept version has thread size of ?” 11 (NC), and the bar dimensions are 2” x 2” x 10’.


Financial information

We want to assign the rights for this device to a company that will benefit from ownership.
The owner of these rights can resell, license, make, use, sue for infringement etc.

(We would undoubtedly want to be able to use the device ourselves without concern of infringement)

Potential users include:
Shipping lines
Chassis leasing companies
Chassis manufacturers
Chassis pools
Intermodal motor carriers