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Retarder with springs

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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1. Description of the global problem
Retarder is a retarder brake for trucks and buses, which, by the action of electromagnetic or hydraulic forces, allows you to stop the vehicle without the use of friction brakes. Increasingly, a retarder is used on trucks when descending from a mountain and on long slopes, where it is impractical to use the main braking system (it is not designed for prolonged braking and its main elements - discs, pads, pads quickly overheat and cease to effectively perform their work - braking). Disadvantages of modern retarders:
-Modern retarders get very hot during operation
-Modern retarder designs are extremely unreliable under long-term loads;
-Modern retarder designs have a large cooling radiator in their design;
-Electrodynamic retarders are very bulky, with an increase in temperature they lose their effectiveness;
-The disadvantage of the hydrodynamic retarder is the fact that in order to achieve effective braking, it needs sufficiently high speeds.

2. Solving the problem

Since hydraulic and electromagnetic retarders have a disadvantage - overheating during operation, the solution to the problem was a new technology - a retarder using springs and a gimbal. The new technology allows you to brake the truck without heating the retarder, as the new technology allows you to create a braking torque on the driveshaft of the truck without heating the retarder using the damping effect of springs.
Advantages of a retarder with springs:
1. No heating of the retarder even during prolonged operation;
2. No cooling radiator;
3. Low cost compared to the hydromechanical retarder and electromechanical retarder.
4. High efficiency at high and low vehicle speeds.
5. Saving on repair work to replace brake pads.

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