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Height adjustable combat training assembly and method of operation

[Category : - OTHER- HEALTH- Fitness]
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A height adjustable combat training assembly and method of operation enables a practitioner to strike with a fist, kick, hurtle over, and reenact combat with a real person through use of a height adjustable series of shafts, target accessories, and elongated barriers that are manipulated into myriad configurations. A base portion is filled with a weighted substance to stabilize the assembly. A base shaft attached perpendicularly into the base portion. A height adjustable shaft extends from the base shaft in a sliding relationship that is measured with a height gauging instrument. Padded sleeves encapsulate both shafts for cushioning. A flexible member extends form the terminus of the height adjustable shaft. A terminal target rests on the terminus of the second sleeve. A label attaches to the sleeves. At least one target accessory detachably attaches to the shafts or sleeves, and includes linear arm, blocking arm, laser device, and fist.

This Flexible Target Training System, is a Safer, way to Train. The Dragon's Tail will save time, hassle of needing trained "helpers", and will increase preciseness of techniques.

* Safe Training– better on joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, toe or finger nails & target holders
* Train for precision– before using heavy strikes/kicks
* Adjustable heights for different kicks or strikes
* Kicking/striking/blocking/deflecting precisely
* Rolling or jump rolling over, between two bars
* Hurdling over, Running under Low crawling under
* Learning angles of the body, positions, heights, accuracy training
* Kick or strike targets off of varied height of towers
* Multiple targets at once
* Practice precision of techniques for board breaking techniques
* Practice precision of techniques for light to medium contact tournament training
* Speed drills single or group
* Finger or other small joint strikes
* Great for all ages and abilities
* Additional parts available, for more uses
* Complete instructor packages or smaller personal take home student packages are offered
* Use at home, gym, Studio, Dojo, Dojang, parks, indoors, outdoors, unlimited uses
* Lightweight, Portable
* A child can assemble, adjust, & use effortlessly
* Quiet training, can be used anywhere
* Body conditioning
* Focus or concentration training
* Glow package available for fun night training
* Training for any or all abilities

Financial information

I need someone who will either fund it, buy it, or lease it.

To invest, I am asking for $25000. USD this will fund my product and get the process started.

This product has a unlimited value. It will save Martial Arts Instructors a ton of money and time.

On YouTube, search Dragons Tail Eric Conley or copy and paste the following... Link

The above is a video I made showing basic uses of my product.

I have been a Martial Artist for over 26 years and owned and operated my own school for 18. I saw problems that every school owner and instructor had and found a way to fix the issues.

Please help me get this out to every school, instructor and student possible.

You will get all my Dropbox files, and original working Prototypes with the Patent Purchase.