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Expandable, Disposable Roasting Platform

[Category : - Food- Appliances and houseware- Cooking]
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The problem of evenly cooking a food item so that all sides cook and brown evenly is solved by the use of a roasting platform that raises above rendered substances that can cause a steam and wetness to the surface of a food item. The roasting platform can be foldable or compressed, so that it takes up minimal storage space and can be deployed for use. Drain holes allow rendered substances to be more quickly separated from the surface of a food item. The same drain holes can be used as visual indicators when deploying the roasting platform to show when he folds of a roasting platform are sufficiently separated for maximum usable area and support for a weight placed thereon.
The unique advantage of this device is that it can be made of disposable aluminum sheets just like that already used for disposable roasting pans.. When deployed, the structure provides a strong platform to support food above oils and other drippings in a pan. Excellent for warming items as well, particularly breads, pizza, sandwiches, —prevents 'soggy bottoms'. When cooking is complete, the platform can be removed and tossed in the trash. It can even be recycled in locales that have programs in place.
Interestingly, we have also found the platform useful for arts and craft projects. For example an item to be painted can be supported above the work surface allowing better access to all sides and even drying.

Financial information

A market evaluation was obtained from Lambert & Lambert in 2020. The report was positive and indicated there is potentially a very large, international market and moderate competition from competing products. The prototypes showing proof of concept indicated the product was safe and may need only minor additional R&D to be marketable. The report rated the product 86/107 and stated that only about 30% of products they see are rated that high.

We would be glad to provide a copy of the report to serious inquirers.

We are most interested in selling the patent, but would consider a licensing option.